About me

Heyy everyone. My name is Deborah Dasola Olayiwola.

I started my own blog with the goal to tell true events that are informative. It’s quite easy to get information nowadays but most times, after reading, we are left with the lingering question “where is the heart in this?”

Deep breaths. You will understand what I’m saying better.

These days, it’s easier to hide behind a pretty face and all that the outside of us can present. But it’s a lot more than that.

With my blog, I am going to share my stories, some of which are pretty ugly and others’ stories with their permission of course. Telling these stories is a way to feel better (not in a support group kind of way, no worries) and accept that we are humans after all.

I need the love, support and words of encouragement. I’m not an island. Love from family and friends have gotten me this far in life and I can’t take that for granted.

So, to understand a person, it’s better to have the ability, even to the slightest bit, to understand things from the individual’s perspective. With this, I will explain who I am the best way I can. I ran a personality test for myself.

This, I will be doing in five terms:

One, Openness

Two, Conscientiousness

Three, Extraversion

Four, Agreeableness

Five, Neuroticism

Openness (reflects willingness to embrace new and unusual experiences), I have a low level of openness which suggests that I draw my strength from tradition and familiarity. I am down to earth and prefer clear, straightforward direction to abstract or theoretical thinking.

Conscientiousness (is about how to control and act on impulses), I am good at thinking through my actions before acting on an impulse. It helps to avoid unnecessary stress or trouble, which nevertheless can lead to workaholic and perfectionist extremes.

Extraversion (reflects how to energetically engage with the outside world), I have low level of extraversion which means I am likely to be more reserved than other people. I enjoy time alone and value maintaining strong relationships with a few close friends.

Agreeableness (indicates concern for the happiness of social groups), I value getting along with others, so I am considerate, friendly, and willing to compromise my interests for the benefit of the group around me.

Neuroticism (shows tendency to respond emotionally to events), I am emotionally reactive and prone to react intensely to events with feelings that linger for some time. This can affect my ability to think clearly or cope with change and stress.

So, as you all can see, I have flaws. I’m human. But I’m working on them.

Why I chose the name, Epoch, for my blog? Well I believe, that for every story told, it is history marked with remarkable significance.

Join me in this journey. Put a little faith out. It would be worthwhile.

God be with us.


  1. I have only read one of your post(s) and it’s worth celebrating. I will do that soon
    I challenge you not to go back on this (even more) as is common with so many good idea(s).


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