I Am a Man

I Am A Man

What does it mean to be a man?

Because I know what we are taught but not what we are

I know I’ve been taught it’s weak when I see a grown man cry

If he goes on a date, he has to be the one who will buy

If he takes an exam, he has to win

But pretend  he never tried 

If he watches porn but when asked, will tell you a lie

The kind of man who defines a good woman by the size of her breasts

Who boasts with his mates about his sexual conquests going through each one because it’s all in the rest as he walks down the street and puffs out his chest even if he feels alone and especially if he stressed, “I hear it. Do you?”

The message is loud and clear

Don’t be a pussy

Don’t be weak

Don’t show fear 

Don’t show love

Be a robot 

Man up

We’re like blind men trying to understand each other

Shadows controlled by the whims of our impulses

We obsess over photoshopped images of bikini clad princesses all designed so that the sum of our existence is to prop up other people’s privileges 

in this community, attractive women are thin, white, feminine and young

but what if you’re dark and black

or you’re a 52 year old with wrinkles or a teenager with pimples 

only 18 percent of cover girls are not white

but you wont see that image promoted because there’s an entire beauty industry that profits from us trying to stay young

it becomes this game of whose outfit is the tightest?

Whose ass is the nicest?

And whose voices are the loudest?

Because that’s where all the headlines and attention will go

In case you don’t believe, 

Let me tell you what’s happening as a result of the fashioning and the factoring of our ideas of what being a man is boys are more likely to be violent toward other people

Become addicted to alcohol and drugs


And achieve lower grades in shool

So if this is my letter to all US men 

I want you to know one truth again and again 

The root of the word ‘vulnerable’ is that you’re open to a tag and its in that moment you find out who really has your back 

So you can play to the stereotypes 

And pretend you have no cracks 

But I just think being real and exposing it is the strength that you lack 

Just like water in life, everything herbs and flows

The problem is, in relationships we have four images

The one that we are

And the one that we project

everytime we turn and hide away 

we lose another chance to connect


respect is really earned when we  see and when we share 

that true power comes live when you freely express 

just because we can be independent doesn’t mean we should choose not to grow together

there is strength in our society

a unity to our variety 

freedom is a choice to stay unapologetically true to the rhythm of what really beats inside of you

Man up!

Link: https://youtu.be/NDIX1EUjjmk




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