Because your opinion matters….

Happy new month, everyone!💃🏾

Guess what? This is my birthday month💃🏾💃🏾

And I have something special for us all on that day. Hmmm

I’m excited already.😂

June 4 is my beautiful day. Most beautiful day of my life

P.s. this is not only relatable to mothers but to every significant figure in our lives. As I personally believe, the word “Mama” is a symbolism for every important individual in our lives who at some point of our lives or all through our lives, we believe his or her opinion matters in our lives. As rampant and popular feminism, fight against body shaming and fight against gender based violence(physically, sexually and emotionally) are, these things are still very much there. This time, it hits deeper in the subconscious because we hide it behind a pretty face and perfect body shape.

Dear Mama,

Mama says you’re a pretty girl, 

You’re my angel, 

My baby, 

My star, 

My world

But if this is true, mama

If this is fact

Then why do you say such awful comments to me?

How can you do me like that?

You look like a slut in that dress”

Those yoga pants say you want much more”

And if you leave my house looking like that, everyone will think you’re just another loose girl”

But why should I care, mama?

Why should what they think matter?

Because nothing hurts me more than to hear you point out that my thighs had gotten fatter

Or that being a sexual person makes me a bad daughter

I’m either your little good girl or that slut who likes it rough

But when I plead in opposition, you say “Girl, you need to calm down and listen”

You’re just a little too tough. You need to smile a little bit more but not too much because then you will look like a hoe”

I either eat too much or not enough

I’m too thin or too thick

Too fat or too skinny

But mama, why can’t you hear me?

I have a woman’s body and I will not apologize for that

It’s the body that you passed down to me

So how can you shame me like that?

These thick thighs, these full lips, these killer curves, thesebodacious hips

You’re the one you blessed these gifts upon me

So how can you say the ugly things you do about my body?

These questions are not out of spite for you

Neither are they contempt or disdain

I just wish you would take the time to contemplate the words you’re always saying

Because I can’t spend another day listening to your internalized hate

For years and years, I’ve tried not to let it bother me

But I can’t anymore

Because women need to learn to live in harmony

Divide and conquer

That’s how they keep us down

That’s how they hold us back

They make you go shameful for the skin that you are in

And see to it that we pass it to the next of kin

But that’s gonna stop, mama

We can’t be about that life anymore

I just wanna love my body

Be a sexual being

And know that you won’t see me as just another hoe

That you will still be able to think of me positively

That you will be able to see me for more than just my body


You say I’m a pretty girl, 

I’m your angel, 

Your baby, 

Your star, 

Your world

But if this is true, mama

If this is fact,

I need you to stop saying the hurtful things you say to me

I need you to have my back


 P.S This is not supporting indecent dressing at all. Personally, I’m in love with decent, formal, corporate dressing or whatever word for dressing appropriately and morally.


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