Q&A with Deborah

Question: Tell me about your boyfriend 

Answer:Well, I don’t have a boyfriend.


Comment: Not a question.

Just wanted you to know that you are a talented star and I know you have just started scratching the surface. Have a good birthday 

Reply: Thank you honey bunny 💞



Question: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Answer: My biggest pet peeve would be….hmmm….hard one here….I would say, disloyalty of any kind🙄



Question: Are you in a serious relationship? And if no, when do you intend on getting involved?

Answer: No, I’m not. I’m not even in any one at all. Lol. Well, right now, I can’t say exactly when that would be. I was almost at that point few weeks ago and it wasn’t it at all. So right now, I’m like a mango farmer. Waiting for my plant to grow into a full-fledged tree💁🏿


Question: Have you ever thought of us being together?

Answer: 😂Honestly, I have. But it was too weird to think it through.



Question: What inspired you into blogging?

Answer: Hmmm…I would say my past experiences and those of people around me, to be precise.

Little things added to this though. 


Question: What is your fear?

Answer: Lol. My one and only fear is losing myself.

If I lose myself, I lose everything.



Question: How many books have you read this year?

Answer: I don’t keep counts. But I’ve read quite a number of them.



Question: If Lionel Messi came right now and asked you to marry him and go to Argentina. Would you drop school for him? Like drop school completely?

Answer: Well he is married, so No…Not at all

But if he wasn’t married, I’ll think twice about it, maybe thrice even.🙈 But still, no. I’m not in any way ready for such commitment.



Question : Have you smoked before?

Answer: No.



Question: What is your favourite food?

And favourite drink?

Answer: Spaghetti!

I don’t have a favourite drink.



Question: What is the craziest thing you have done?

Answer: I would say the time my friends and I were coming back from TDB (till day break reading) and we all had to climb the gate of the male hostel to get to our hall


Question: Have you ever left school without your parents’ knowledge?

Answer: Yes. I attend a federal university. So going out of school to get one or two things is no big deal.



Question: Have you been to a night club? Stripper’s club? Have you ever been drunk?

Answer: No.





Question: What is the dumbest thing you have done?

Answer: One time at home, the microwave was electrocuting everybody. In my attempt to play smart, I called my brother to turn the microwave on for me. The dumb part was that I put my hand on his back. So when the microwave electrocuted him, I was electrocuted too of course 🤦🏾‍♀️

Question:What is your best moment so far?

Answer: So far, it would be when I gave my valedictorian speech. The graduation day in general.


 Well Well, my brother has been disturbing me for a while to post this

So here it is,

 Adedamola adefolahan

Stage name fireboy dml the dml standing for Damola

Started concentrating on music fully march last year

Before music, he was in OAU studying English

But he started music professionally when he was in 200 level in OAU which was 2012

When he left university he started song writing

Writing for various different people

He sang his song ‘I’ll be fine’ in a aux session and then olamide heard it and boom! he got signed to YBNL after olamide chatted with him for some times

He was very shocked

By the way this guy is very cool and gentle 😂 like very

He wears a durag so that when he goes out, people won’t easily recognize him

So the durag is like a mask

When he told his parents he was moving to Lagos to pursue a career in music his parents weren’t so supportive especially his father because when he was in primary he was a prefect secondary school an A grade student and in 100 level he was on a first class so his parents has high hopes for him that didn’t involve music

By 200 level his grades were dropping cause he started focusing on his music

His father has hopes he would travel out to do masters and become a professor of literature or something

But when he broke the news to his father he made it clear that he wasn’t happy with his decision but had to let him live his life but his mother cause he was obviously closer to her was supportive

Then when he got signed his father was happy but couldn’t admit it to him but his mother told him that his father was proud

His song ‘king’ was written out his personal feelings he felt like a good singer and not so bad a guy. A girl has no right to do treat him Just anyhow

It’s a self confidence kind of song

He is an artiste that likes writing out of his soul. Three days after dropping this song he was signed

He calls his kind of music Afrolife where he merges Afro with other different king of genres like country, soul

Country is his favorite

He is a natural song writer

His style is similar to Adekunle Gold because he said Adekunle Gold is an inspiration to him.

 Well, his song “What If I Say” is dropping soon.

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