My Freedom

Question of the day:

Despite being surrounded by so many people, we still lack that feeling of belonging to somebody, being accepted by somebody, being loved by somebody. How should we deal with that discontent and loneliness?

Sadhguru answered:

On one level, many questions are aimed towards, ‘how can I be free from this and that?’

Another level, you are asking, ‘how can I bind myself to something or somebody?’

You must decide, what is the highest value in your life- Freedom or Bondage?

Please, I would like to hear the word


Oh Freedom, hmmmm

But if you are free, you feel lost.

If you go into the mountains and you are totally free- that is, nobody around, nothing around, 

you are just in the empty space of the mountains- you don’t feel free, you think you are lost.

So, to handle freedom, it needs a certain clarity and strength. 

Most people cannot handle freedom. 

They are always trying to bind themselves but only talking, mouthing freedom all the time. 

If you really set them free, they will suffer immensely.

So, this is an evolutionary issue.

In the sense, human beings are right now like this- a caged bird

If you keep a bird caged for a long period of time, and then one day you took off the door of the cage, still the bird won’tfly. 

From inside, it’ll protest that it’s not free, but it’ll not fly.

Human condition is just that. 

For all creatures, nature has drawn two lines within which they have to live and die, and that’s what they do.

But only for human beings, there’s only bottom line, there’s no top line and that’s what they are suffering.

If your life was also fixed like every other creature’s life, they wouldn’t be stressed, they wouldn’t be anxious, they wouldn’t be struggling how to handle their own intelligence.

And this is what you are seeking unknowingly. 

You may seek it in the form of relationships, you may seek it in the form of profession, you may seek it in the form of nationality, ethnicity, community, God, heaven, hell.

All you are trying to do is, draw an artificial line which does not exist.

Because freedom needs courage

Freedom needs a certain madness.

If you are very sane, you cannot be free because you will go between the two lines of logic.

To be free, it takes lot of strength

First of all, what needs to happen if you want to be free is…

Do you understand that all human experience has a chemical basis to it?

What you call as joy is one kind of chemistry, misery is another kind of chemistry, stress is one kind of chemistry, anxiety another kind of chemistry, agony one kind of chemistry, at least ecstasy you know, it’s another kind of chemistry.

So, your experience of life has a chemical basis to it.

This is the most superficial way of looking at it, there are other dimensions to it, 

But for your understanding, or in other words, what you call as ‘myself’ right now, you are a chemical soup.

The question is only: Are you a great soup or a lousy soup?

Yes or no?

Right now, if you have a chemistry of blissfulness, if you close your eyes, it’s fantastic, if you open your eyes, it’s fantastic, if somebody is here, it’s fantastic, nobody is here, it’s very fantastic, Yes or No?

But you have a lousy chemistry. If you look at them, if they smile at you it’s nice, not fantastic.

If they look at you like this, suddenly it’s a problem. 

If these people are happening just the way you want, your chemistry is reasonably balanced.

If they do something that you don’t like, boom! It goes somewhere else.

So, essentially, you have not looked at this mechanism, what is the basis of this, how it functions, how I can make it function at its highest level. 

Right now, let’s say you’re really blissed out, do you care who is around, who is not around?

If they’re around, it’s fantastic.

They’re gone, fantastic. 

Because your experience of life is no more determined by what you have and what you don’t have, whether it’s people or things or food or this or that, it is not determined by that. 

Once your way of being is not determined by anything outside of you, then there is no such thing as loneliness, but you will enjoy your aloneness because whether you like it or you don’t like it- at this young age, it’s a little difficult to understand this 

Whether you like it or you don’t like it, within this body, you are always alone, isn’t it?

Whether you do interaction and intercourse or whatever, whatever, whatever, still you’re alone in this body, yes or no?

If you don’t learn how to handle this aloneness, you have not learnt anything about life. 

This is the most beautiful thing. 

The most beautiful thing about life is, nobody can get here- it’s just my space, yes or no?

Isn’t this the most beautiful thing?

Nobody can invade me

They can capture me, they can torture me, they can do so many things, but they cannot invade me because I have a space which is just my own. 

Isn’t this the most wonderful aspect of your life?

Don’t suffer that – that is the most beautiful thing.

Oh, but you want to pine little romantically and enjoy that…what?

Because what we do is just a certain…it’s a certain game.

Life is, because it comes to an end.

But the important thing is, how are you within yourself.

If you are here in such a way that you are only driven by your needs, you will live a very meager life. 

But if you can sit here without any need, but you will do whatever is needed then you will live a magnificent life. 

It is my wish and my blessing, every one of you must have a fantastic life. 

Make it happen for yourself. 



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