Who am i?

Am I a black beauty?

Beautiful face with a wonderful smile,

Not exactly a perfect eight because of the tummy,

But still got all the curves in the right places

Long straight legs, do they really matter?

Well, I have them, but they don’t mean much to me.

Am I an angry person?

Angry about how my life has turned out

Always living in the shadows of yesteryears,

Never moving on.

Do I have too high expectations of people?

I certainly do, and when they are not met, it angers me

Am I a rebellious one?

Nonchalant about rules and regulations,

Having almost no regard for values

And purely self-pleasing

I do notice such symptoms, doesn’t everyone?

But I choose not to walk in that path, it’s not worth it. 

Am I a revolutionist?

Never satisfied with culture

Always wanting and pushing for more 

And almost always getting in trouble for it

Isn’t this an obvious one?

I need to curb that spirit

Am I a selfish one?

Always wanting and expecting to be in the spotlight,

So used to being noticed that the smile is snuffed out when ignored

Such a pretender, a people-pleaser

How imitating and annoying such a being is!

I do get disgusted at myself

Am I frank?

Stating the obvious without care,

Hurting others’ feelings in oblivion,

Or merely ignoring it.

How inconsiderate!

State the truth while watching their hearts

Am I kind?

A compassionate person

Full of life and joy,

Always putting others first, almost to a fault

Why is it so hard to accept this person?

People sure see her.

I am all these and more,

I see more ill than good in me

I walk confidently but lack a lot of self confidence

I know the word and try to live like him

When I think too much, I become one of the six

People see so much good in me that I am awed by their ability to see.

I know I am great, but I am yet to accept it.

The fear of pride has clouded my better judgment

Daily, I suppress some abilities in fear of what 

Others will say and in fear of pride.

Which is worse, pride or unfulfillment?

They are both evils, but neither are mine.

I may be searching but I am at peace, may seem lost

But I am found, I may feel alone, but I am positively surrounded

Never confused, your word is sure,

Always believing, you’re always faithful,

Always good, you’ve always got me

Never afraid, you’re always with me

Restlessness is evil, 

That evil ended, so also will this.

-la dame

Emotional break

Why does my head always play games?

With guys’ names?

Why can’t I be free?

To just be me?

Must there always be a guy,

To give me a high?

I love being who I am

Without another at arm,

Being a lady is great

And it is mostly definitely a gate,

To something known as womanhood,

An idea I’m not in a hurry to be in its hood. 

I love being who I am

As designed by the I am 

Don’t need a man to complete me

Perhaps to complement me.

-à mosa


  1. Fear of pride and others judgement are both limiting.

    Humans are entitled to speak, judge and criticize. These are innate natural entitlements but they have never defined greatness.

    Being real to oneself at all times driven by determination to succeed exudes attractive aura.

    Consistently doing these increase the bandwidth of our magnetability or likeability

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  2. 😤😤😤😤.. keybooooard, I meant everyone else likes to define what you get to be especially as girls, be quiet, veery modest, and all. When you do not meet their expectations, you become a bitch!! And when you do follow the tow of sheep to the slaughter girl, i call that toxic feminity

    Liked by 1 person

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