My phone

Won’t let me be

This device was devised to keep me addicted

Loving everything it serves me

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

Even the beautiful I embrace it all without scrutiny

I am caught between real life made fantasy and fantasy made real life

I’m in love

So I make excuses for the late nights 

Addicted to the screen light 

Clicking my way through

Hoping I’d get closer to the same people I get away from in real life

Chasing and chasing after


But who?





And how did I buy into this franchise that has robbed me of my identity?

Status unknown

Someone please tell Sinach that I’m walking in power

But I don’t know who I am 

Having absolutely no interest in the next man

But interested in the next fan who earned a one-way ticket into my heart?

When he double tapped the heart of my art displayed on instagram

You see, 

I am a man desperately in need of validation

And my situation can be best described as 


It kind of sounds like manifestation right?

Now you see the reason why we confuse both

They look alike

Sound alike

Probably even talk alike

But they are not the same 

They will never be

One is driven by self and the other driven by God

One is driven by flesh and the other driven by Spirit

The channel stays the same but the source is different

So tell me,

How does a man clueless of his identity manifest?

For in order to manifest,

First, you must be recognized as a son

“For his spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are sons of God”


These sons must never forget who and whose they are

They must never get entangled in this identity crisis

This is war!

And we must never forget on whose side we fight

So whenever unlawful attractions or distractions crave your attention 

Please do not engage

And this device

Just might be the vice through which they seek to enslave your mind

Please do not embrace it all without scrutiny




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