Can I be real with you?

The words of T.D Jakes:

Let me testify,

Many times in my life, my life has been a mockery

Many times the things that I did publicly, I struggled with privately

Can I be real with you?🗣

Many times I could help you with your stuffs and couldn’t fix mine

Can I be real with you?🗣

Many times, my life was a mockery

“How could you be so strong about this and so weak about this?”

It was mockery

Have you ever had something happen to you that mocked everything you stood for?

“I thought you were a Christian.” “I thought you were a man of faith” “I thought you were a woman of power” “I thought you were counselling other people’s marriages”  “I thought you…” “I thought you…”

I want to talk to the people that have been mocked by life

Whenever God is getting ready to promote you, there will always be an escalation of trouble

He said they are going to mock me, they are going to discourage me, they are going to crucify me

He said it is going to start out among my own people

Come on, people!

And the thing is they are going to turn me over to the Gentiles and it’s going to get worse

Whenever the enemy knows you have a destiny, he will always set up a distraction to stop you from getting to your destiny

And the distraction will always escalate before it gets better

They are going to mock me

They are going to discourage me

They are going to crucify me

The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy

It is always going to get worse before it gets better

You have to understand that when all of this is said and done, are you sure you can handle the process before you ask for the promise?

Because I’m not going to let you sit in my seat until you suffer with me

Jesus said you cannot reign with me if you do not suffer with me

I’m telling you, “to him much is given, much is required” and before you ask for something, look at that cup

Every position has its pain

We want the promise without the problems

We want acknowledgement with agony

We want riches without work

Talk to me!🔊

We want fame without loneliness

We want pleasure without pain

I’m sorry you don’t have what you ask 

How could I know this much and be in this kind of trouble?

How can I be this powerful over here and be this weak over here?

Can I be real with you?🗣

Life is full of mockeries

You went through a test and you suffered loss

You came out of it but you almost lost your mind

You feel like a failure and a fool

You’re Frustrated with your circumstances

“How can I be so talented and live in a homeless shelter?”

If you never get beaten, you will never understand how to win

If you don’t get beaten, you won’t respect the game

If you don’t get beaten, you will never understand who you are

I want to talk to someone who is going through a period where life is dissing out

Define who you are, how people respond to you

You have to understand that when it comes to your relationship with God and your peace of mind, you cannot bring a group of people into that relationship 

You have to come to Jesus for yourself abroad

It is at praise and disappointments that you have 

Just dump it all on Jesus and give him a 30 second praise right now



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