The Nudes I Never Took


It was on the first Monday of November. Well I can’t forget.

My dad sent pictures of some chats to me. They were alleged chats between me and a guy I supposedly dated and sent nudes to. 

He had a chat with my father and my brothers. He said I hurt his feelings and he threatened to post my nudes.

Now, here is the good part: I hadn’t dated anyone. And I don’t take nude pictures.

They say, in every rumor, there is an element of truth. Well well definitely not in this case.

It became the nudes I never took.

My family was quite supportive and trusted me. But believe mewhen I say that was enough to ruin my relationship with my family. Who hated me that much? I mean, what did I do? 

I became very curious. I felt I was being stalked because this person had my number. We all understand the saying that not everyone will like you kind of thing. But I don’t think we can actually understand it to the level that people will go all out to destroy you when you’ve done absolutely nothing. At that point, I had no clue who the person could be. I mean, I wasn’t fighting with anyone. 

To everyone reading this, some might even doubt what I am saying. But the funny part is, it is part of life. 

Only you know the real thing. 

Have you ever been lied against?

The feeling that this person could be a friend that I loved, was a deal breaker. Loll

Just imagine if my parents believed this person. It would have been awful. 

Till this very moment, I don’t know who the person is.

This was a tough moment for me. I didn’t deserve that. But sometimes, life throws you some really tough circumstances and you have no choice but to stay strong and keep moving. There were no nudes of course but it was possible for the person to get a nude picture and put my face on it since the individual had my phone number. I deleted all my social media accounts and stayed low-key. To be very honest, till this very moment, I don’t know why this had to happen. I know for sure that I will know later. Things just don’t happen. Life has taught us that much. 

I liken this experience of my life to circumstances we find ourselves in that we had no major play in. I used to think that for someone to do you bad, you have to cause it. Apparently this isn’t like that. No matter how good you are, people will eventually do what they want to do.

Do you also have nudes you never took? How about the ones you did take? 

This is what I mean in case my questions are not clear. The nudes I never took symbolizes the lies told against me. And the nudes I did take symbolizes the sins I have committed.

Narrating this part of my life, I want to share a spoken word titled “IT IS FINSIHED” by Gloria Umanah. As much as my family wasn’t there, they believed me and loved me regardless. That is a Jesus-thing. It felt good because I was innocent. But for a moment, think that, what if I wasn’t innocent, my family would have still believed me when I said they weren’t true.  

And I can relate with this spoken word for the things I am actually guilty of


There I was 

Standing shamefully in a courtroom

Surrounded by demons on my left

And angels on my right

Satan as the persecutor holding millions of records about my life

And God?

Sitting on a throne with a mighty gavel in his hand

I had no lawyer placed on trial for things such as Lying, stealing and fornication

For this was the beginning of my tribulation

For there was no reason to plead an innocent statement

For all the evidence was sitting right there with Satan

The demons smiled as tears rolled down the judge’s eyes

For they clearly knew that now was the hour of my demise


In came a light shining so bright that the demons smiling suddenly jumped with fright

And the man that walked in that night was none other than 


Darkness departed to give way and glory was all the angels could say

As the man that walked in that night pulled out a lighter and immediately set Satan’s records against me on fire

He took the sentence file and erased my name

Looked at me in the eyes and said 

“Daughter, I’ll take the blame!”

Handcuffs were placed on this man and he was thrown to the ground

The entire courtroom gasped at his horrendous sound and the sudden cease to the beat of his heart 

The man that walked in glowing had now become dark 

I did this to him

My lying

My stealing

My cheating

And he took the pain and spent three days in the hell that I was to go to for eternity

I left the courtroom that day and there was nothing I could say

I was found innocent 

For Christ handled the debt that I was to pay

This type of love is more than you can give to a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, and wife

This man died for me!

I owe him my life

And even though my life is not at all worth it

How could you ever trade perforate for perfect?

See, I gave my life to Christ and suddenly picked up a mop

The lying, cursing, cheating

All that had to stop

Because my life had been bought 

And it would be a shame to sit there and do nothing but let it rot 

I am not perfect

And the will to sin hasn’t completely diminished from my life

But I believe Jesus’ words when he died for me on that cross 


So while my story here is about the nudes I never took. I thank God for loving me regardless of the ones I did take.


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