Let’s talk weed

Science explains that one of weed’s active ingredients, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, interacts with our brain’s reward system, the part that has been primed to respond to things that make us feel good, like eating and sex. When overexcited by drugs, the reward system creates feelings of euphoria.

A poem about weed was published on the 1st of November, 2016 By Nuchy Mandel

A poem about weed, is not hard at all

But truth can hurt, that is why I stall

I don’t want to hurt you, but no pain no growth

Weed is chocolate covered poison, the inside is gross

On the outside it seems, it has the power to heal

And perhaps it does, makes people feel-

All kinds of things, this can be good for us

But ultimately, it is an unperceived cuss

If you’re somewhere excelling, it stops you right there

Wasting your days, it puts you in back 5 years

I know you don’t see it, because I didn’t either

When you’re smoking all day, you don’t seem shit Sir/Ma

It completely ruins your best years of development

Taking (what could have been) talent and turns it into Envelopment

Drawn into nonsense, acting silly all the time

Saying dumb crap, you’re not in nursery dime

Yeah I called you dime (bag), that’s all I hear

From a grown ass adult, acting like grandpa who can’t share

The point isn’t sharing though, the emphasis is the fact

That you act immature, and there’s no respect in that

You probably wonder, why family and friends

Never take you serious, you tide like trends

Coming and going, day in and day out

Sometimes, I wonder, does your soul not shout?🔊

Nothing you say, holds any weight

Like the smoke you inhale, you’re taking the bait

The evil inclination wants you to do it

He’ll make up excuses to help you get through it

But just like someone trapped in a cult needs perspective

People who smoke weed, feel the need to be protective

No one is fighting you, we just hope you wake up

Get out your silly slumber, and start to grow up

There’s so much opportunity, if every stoner would quit

This world would advance to a state that’s legit

Take the good that you learned, from smoking all that shit

And actually give it time, to take effect and submit

Cause right now, all you do is talk about cool concepts

But I’ve yet to see one materialize into something real and complex

Actually, imam take that back

Your concepts are wack, for your 2 year old…

Stop blowing smoke, and living in a fantasy’

You’re only fooling yourself that I guarantee

Sober human beings, happy with their lot

See right through stones, who uh…just forget

Your short term memory is completely shot

Do you remember what you read, because you are forgetting a lot?

If you’re the type of guy, that 9 to 5 is your goal

Then go ahead and smoke, the streets you’ll petrol

But if you are the type, that is fueled by success

When will you realize, tat weed is not the address?

You will not succeed in all aspects of life,

You’re more likely to be met with all kinds of strife

What I’m saying is truth and its matter of time

Before it hits your cloudy brain and begins to shine

This must be repeated because the ringing in your ear is from the last blunt you smoked and that is unfair

Is there a time you’re sober? Is there a time that we can speak?

Or do I have to accept the fact, that you’ll always be weak?

Being addicted to a substance makes you a slave

Don’t you ever wonder what It would be like not to crave-

Disgusting junk food, that you stuff in your face

Eat a healthy meal, and smile genuinely

Not to need a chemical to make you be friendly

Everything about weed is the opposite of motivating

Working on weed is like drinking while you’re mediating

What is this chronic obsession with medicating?

It destroys every concept of properly educating

Smoking weed has locked you in a cage

It takes you 10 years to turn a page

It’s only been 4 minutes since I started

To you it’s been 4 years, you’re going retarded

This high called life. That God continuously bestows, Is a most precious gift

Why are you smoking-no one knows

Life is most definitely the craziest trip

If different kinds of concept, you know how to flip

Life is a substance, so pure and holy

Inhale all you want, but start that slowly

A spiritual high has the power to slip

You are right into a beautiful trip

Clean of substance, pleasant as love

You will want it all day and thank the one above

But don’t wait around till the going gets tough

Be the tough goer even though it’s rough

Say you’ve had enough of that nasty stuff

Take the last puff and free yourself of…fluff

Don’t even think that weed is not an addiction

You’re addicted to that joint like a junky arms affliction

Taking each puff like a junky shoots up

Stink from head to toes like where junkies end up

Don’t think you got it under control

Weed will break you in half, every time you are whole

It can ruin your life and mess up your life

Piss off your family or get damaged

Life is all about being on top of your game

Let your guard down and you’ll get hit by a train

Every time you smoke weed is like you got hit

Start a new chapter, wasn’t the previous one fit?

If you had the slightest idea of the love God has for you

You wouldn’t be so quick to numb your brain

And from reality, withdrew