#Thoughts II

Now I really want to talk about some categories of men of this generation.

Call me sexist. Call me feminist. Call me whatever.

But I am going to talk.

What is going on with you, male species?

I don’t understand but really, what’s up with the drugs? What’s up with the whole fuckboy game? Are you that pathetic and sick that you can’t focus on building a proper life for yourself?

What’s up with taking responsibility for your actions?

Wait a minute.

Is it the patriarchal mentality put in your head that makes you feel that you can play with people’s emotions and feel that is okay and normal?

What’s up with feeling you’re so important?

It’s only in this generation that after a girl is asked out and she says yes, the whole burden of the relationship falls on her.

What is going on?

Men, let me know oh! I want to understand.

Maybe if I’m a man for one day, just maybe I will understand


Let me not even begin with the idea that men are allowed to cheat. It’s normal for a man to cheat. It is okay for him to have more than one girl by his side and whatever bullshit they say. Or the whole thing about how it is impossible for a man to be a virgin

Oh yeah! Before I forget this one: Good girls like bad boys. That’s the sickest thing I have ever heard. Anyway many of the guys are sick so I’m not surprised, right?

Or the whole myth about how after sleeping around and messing around with ladies and that includes playing with their feelings, you will magically find a good lady who will take your heart and blah blah bullshit.

Let me give you this fact.

No well-built lady will ever and ever pick trash! But because that is what you are. You think you’re the one using the ladies but you are also being used. You have become community penis. You are releasing in every hole you can get hold of. You have become a dog. And for some of you, you have added drugs to the prostitution business you are doing.

What you reap, you will sow. If you are garbage, you will get garbage. Don’t let movies deceive you. Don’t deceive yourself. And don’t let others deceive you because the truth is, they will tell you what they want you to know.

The seed time and harvest is a principle of nature that cannot be reversed. A fool will find a fool. A whore will find a whore.

A fuckboy or playboy or whatever sick name you give yourselves can marry a virgin but that doesn’t make her good as you would depict it. Who knows? She might beat you when you marry her( Male domestic abuse, funny?) Oh nowadays that there are things people do to tighten their vaginas

What a sick world we live in. So, While you are at this for some of you men, keep at it.

Karma is a bastard. Keep at it

Breaking a woman’s heart is deeper than you realize. It destroys her outlook on love, breaks her heart, rips her self-asteem to shreds, tortures her mind and damages her soul. Why make her fall for you when you have no plan whatsoever on picking her?

I dare you to continue!

Because whether you accept it or not, there are good men out there, that are focused on building their lives and careers. Oh they are virgins too. And they are also serving God.

Wait sef…so after releasing in every hole you can get hold of, what time do you find to build your life. What am I saying? You have no life to build anyway. You have made your penis your greatest asset. What a shame!

I dare you to get your life straight! No matter the drugs and the women you have sex with, there will always be a void in you. We both know that.

So I dare you!

You will get what you both deserve and demand from life. You have hurt some people so you have demanded hurt from life and you will get it.

It is not cool. It won’t kill to be responsible.

Funny still is, most of you guys that do this have no direction in life, no purpose whatsoever.

Because it is possible to have a vision and still be messing around. Nahh you can’t eat your cake and still have it.

So I dare you!


  1. You’re on a roll😂😂😂.
    On a serious note though, the society needs changing: both men and women, there’s a kind of chain reaction that brings out the bad in both genders. Sheesh, I’m almost writing another blog post

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is deep! Lol…I think I like the whole outpouring of the heart without edits or whatever. But sincerely, we need more men to be real men…and I think this also applies to women who have lost the appreciation of their value with the ill doctrine of patriachy.

    Liked by 1 person

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