Timileyin Ilepe

Terri Guillemets said, “Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.”

Here is my eulogy, Timileyin Ilepe.

I am happy that you lived a good life. In the few years I got to know you, you always aimed high.

You were a goal setter. 

I celebrate the life you lived and the measure of its worth and very single life you touched while you were on this earth.

I love you. God loves you even more.

This day today is a hard one for myself and my classmates.

It is so much easier to mourn in silence: it takes away the worry of not being able to get my words out, or even just simply getting the right words out. 

I cried in the hands of my best friend because that was all I could do. Cry.

And as much as I know I shouldn’t question God, I did. For a moment, I did.

I had to ask why. 

I understand that you are in a better place now but why?

Why you?

You were so good. You had a beautiful heart. 

I am trying to find the perfect words, the right ones to at least honour you but they don’t seem enough.

Silence or not, one thing I am sure we (LLB 21) all appreciate today, is the fact that though we are all far away from each other, we share in each other’s silence, sharing in each other’s moments of thought for Ilepe, who we all loved as a friend

We will all have our own personal and special memories, of the mark Ilepe left in our hearts, in our lives and it is very hard for me to write this eulogy, hearing my own thoughts out loud, trying my best to focus on the happiest times Ilepe brought us, rather than the fact that you are no longer here with us today as we know it.

Ilepe was such a strong person through and through, from character, personality and presence.

For me, Ilepe will always be with me. What I will remember will always be that bright guy that was determined to have no less than what he demanded from life; that guy that was kind, helpful and sweet.

This is what makes him remain with me personally. I am very lucky to have known him and he will be missed and he will not be forgotten.

I love and miss you, Timileyin Ilepe.

Thank you for the moments you shared with me and the rest of the LLB 21.


  1. Debbie, thanks for this. No person being honest to him/herself can deny that Ilepe has touched his/her life in one way or the other. We have this confidence, that we’ll meet again at the feet of our saviour.

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